Built in Quality – A multi-level challenge

Session Category :  Talk 
March 17, 2021
15:15  -  15:45

Agile coaches often focus on agile mindset, cultural change, collaboration and continues improvement. Organizations have adopted Agile, Scrum, DevOps, CI/CD practices widely in order to increase the delivered value and their adaptivity. While doing so, they learn that it is impossible to speed up the IT deliverance without trusting the quality. Lean and SAFe have Built in Quality as a core principle, but what does that mean for teams and organizations? In this presentation Derk-Jan will share the challenges he encounters at various organizations. How do teams work and collaborate in order to release valuable increments, and what are approaches to increase the quality awareness? How do we incorporate quality in everything we do, every step of the development cycle? In this presentation Derk-Jan will give examples of how quality is organized ad team level and in scaled settings where teams need to collaborate on a single increment. We will see that built-in quality is more that doing a lot of unit tests or building a CI/CD pipeline. Built in quality is a multi-level challenge that is gaining importance. Therefore, we will discuss what this means for agile coaches and how they can help teams and agile leads to embed quality into their process. Take aways:

• How do agile coaches boost quality thinking in their teams

What do I as an Agile coach need to know about testing

• Understand that Built in quality is a multi-level challenge that is gaining importance

• Discover real life patterns that make grip on quality a challenge • Get a feeling what roles are needed in order to organize testing in scaled agile organizations