Cynefin and Aporia Facilitated Discussion

Session Category :  Facilitated Chat 
March 19, 2021
15:15  -  15:45

Cynefin’s Disorder domain has changed to include Aporia – a state of puzzlement and doubt. It’s a timely adjustment to the sense-making framework.

Aporia is a state of mind which allows us to, as Chris Corrigan states, “[confront] paradoxes and situations that have no resolution, no precedent and no right way forward.”

Zhen Goh (Goh Shuzhen) says, “Aporia provides a safe and curious vantage point for leaders.”

Through discussion, we’ll develop our understanding of Aporia, and explore how Aporia may help individuals and organisations. We’ll explore how Aporia may help the global effort to understand and respond to a rapidly changing world.

In an effort to foster a psychologically safe space to share, this session will not be recorded.