Session Category :  Fishbowl 
March 19, 2021
16:30  -  17:00

A Fishbowl is a structured conversation where everyone has a chance to be a panelist and an audience member. In-person this is done by four seats, with always one empty as folks discuss a certain self-organized topic or theme. Only those sat in these speaker chairs can take part in the conversation. For a virtual fishbowl it’s a matter of only fourth cameras being on at once. If a fifth one turns on, another has to turn off. (Typically that’s the one either sitting longer or less involved in the current conversation. Let’s just be mindful to include as many voices as possible and not to dominate the conversation.)

These fishbowls are a way of Aginext trying to find a happy medium between the full-on interaction of workshops and more observing sessions. You are welcome to be a fly on the wall or an active participant.

In an effort to foster a psychologically safe space to share, this session will not be recorded.