The mind is at the heart of agility

Session Category :  Workshop 
March 19, 2021
15:00  -  15:45

Inspect & Adapt. It’s easy. Right? We simply check what is going on and build a step-by-step plan how we are going to improve for our company and our customers. Leadership would be easy if it was that simple. We fall into traps over and try to justify our ‘bad’ decisions by declaring victory and exaggerating the successes. What is it that lures us into believing that we know what to do? How can we get more reliable data to feed the decision making machinery much more constructively? The answer clearly lies somewhere between our ears. This interactive session is about the brain, it’s functioning, how it tricks us and why it is worth knowing more about the scripts it runs autonomously every day. How can we exploit our brain capacity to work for our benefit? Learn more about our biology, behavior biology and how to integrate rational yet rapid and constructive decision making into our professional space in this interactive and fun workshop.

In an effort to foster a psychologically safe space to share, this session will not be recorded.