Playful Leadership: Knowing When to Lead and When to Follow

Session Category :  Keynote 
March 18, 2021
13:00  -  13:45

Leadership is probably one of the most written about topics in human history and yet it continues to elude many organisations to the detriment of society, from our lives at work to our loved ones at home. In this interactive and playful session, you are invited to explore 3 key leadership questions: What is leadership? What kind of leader are you? What kind of leader do you want to be? Together we will transform the hefty topic of leadership from theory into practice so we can embody the kind of leadership that enables organisations to flourish by harnessing the potential of their people.

Join Portia Tung, Executive Coach, Agile Coach and Play Researcher, to find your place as a leader and experiment with a handful of exercises that will enable you to figure out where you’re headed and know when you’ve arrived.