Techniques for effectively de-risking projects and products

Session Category :  Workshop 
March 19, 2021
16:15  -  17:30

Coming up with fit-for-purpose solutions can be difficult. Often, the project begins with a solution in the sponsor’s mind, and teams may not know why the idea is chosen. Sponsors/stakeholders are not engaged if the teams propose alternatives. This interactive and informative workshop introduces ‘Lightning Decision Jam’ as an approach that BAs can use to reveal the underlying problem, gain early buy-in from stakeholders (especially sponsors). This gives a better direction to build the right thing, hence de-risk project/product decision. Lightning Decision Jam is a sub-set of techniques adopted from the ‘Design Sprints’ Framework, developed by Google Venture aiming to break down a problem, prototype and test at speed. Lightning Decision Jam uses various techniques to frame problems, generate and shortlist ideas. It is a proven approach to help the team and stakeholders become aligned within a set timeframe, and identify tangible next step. A very good plug-in for agile teams. Participants attending this workshop will: 1. Learn about Lightning Decision Jam and how it helps BAs to frame problems, gather ideas and engage stakeholders; 2. Have the chance to practise a range of techniques and models from Lightning Decision Jam; 3. Learn about good tips for f2f and remote workshops; 4. Identify the opportunities to use the techniques when returning to the workplace

In an effort to foster a psychologically safe space to share, this session will not be recorded.