Janis Dirveiks


I was converted to Agile in 2014 – after a successful career in journalism, public policy and professional services. This jump was loaded with adrenalin – I started driving product development as a Product Owner for mobile apps in some of the largest Scandinavian banks. It was a bureaucratic and complex environment though ambitious enough to try Agile ways of working. After I had seen that “this process works!” even in a bank, my attention shifted to understanding why Agile practices are so great and how can more people benefit from them! I spent some time driving Agile transformation in big financial corporations while at the same time touching the base by coaching beginners about the application of the Agile values and principles. And lately I’ve had a chance to start all over again – get it right – by introducing Agile in a small, fast-growing and dynamic fintech startup – Fidel API. It is a real experiment where we have the liberty and ambition to explore and tailor different Agile tools on our trip to work better and be happier!


Post Agile Panel
March 17, 2021
15:15  -  16:00
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