Jennifer Riggins

The New Stack

Beyond being a part fo the core Aginext team behind Aginext, Agile Tour London and our community events, Jen is also a part of the programme committee and is the host of the events day of. This means she introduces the keynotes, revs up the crowd, and usually forgets at least one key thing to remind you of each day.

Day to day, Jen is a tech storyteller, content marketer and writer, where digital transformation meets culture, hopefully changing the world for a better place. Currently based in London, she writes around tech ethics, agility, accessibility, diversity and inclusion, testing DevOps, happiness at work, API strategy, the Internet of Things, microservices and containers, developer relations, and more. She writes and hosts on topics where technology and culture converge — hopefully toward a better world (though sometimes not.)

Pronouns: she/her


Post Agile Panel
March 17, 2021
15:15  -  16:00
New Voices Lightning Talks
March 18, 2021
14:15  -  14:45
Agile People Panel
March 18, 2021
15:15  -  16:00
Scaling DevOps Panel
March 19, 2021
15:15  -  16:00
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