Kara Langford

University of East Anglia & Neontribe

Kara has spent her career working in a variety of leadership and technical roles. After first engaging with agile in 2012, Kara quickly became fascinated with the concept, leading to undertaking an undergraduate degree as a mature student in Business Information Systems, graduating with first class honours. With a continued interest in the academic fields of management science and software engineering, Kara went on to complete a Masters in Research Methods achieving a Distinction for their work researching Performance Management in Agile Organisations. Kara is now a doctoral candidate; while initially intending to focus on skill development and self-directed learning in agile organisations, the current global pandemic required Kara to apply agility to their own research and they are now studying the impact that radical uncertainty may have had on agile organisations. Throughout their time as an academic Kara has also been working in an agile organisation, enabling a perspective on agile that encompasses both research and practice, ensuring a grounding in the reality of organisations alongside their theoretical work. Kara hopes that their research will help to improve the lives of people working in agile organisations, as they feel that there is something particularly special about this industry and the people within it, that they would like to help flourish. When Kara isn’t working they can usually be found hanging out with their French Bulldogs, Dax and Teal’c, watching horror movies or listening to music that goes ‘oontz’.


Agile in a Time of Radical Uncertainty
March 18, 2021
15:15  -  15:45
March 19, 2021
16:30  -  17:00
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