Neil Walker

Catalyst Consulting

Neil is an Agile leadership coach and change activist. An early Agile advocate, with almost 3 decades of Agile delivery, advisory and coaching experience. He’s applied a variety of Lean-Agile practices and other competencies to transform organisations in a range of industries (including finance, government, services, retail). From 2001, experimented with using Agile practices beyond software and product development, pushing this further in 2005, when he led and facilitated a Business Agility transformation at global SI. He’s had many successes (and failures); one of his most rewarding was using Agile ways of working across a regional social care service (launched an operational service in 3 months, not the typical 18 months). Today, he is a Senior Partner with boutique Lean-Agile consulting firm, Catalyst Consulting.


Post Agile Panel
March 17, 2021
15:15  -  16:00
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