Sven Ihnken

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Sven has dipped his toes into many waters. Literally and as a figure of speech. His successful career as a fundamental researcher in physiology – one of the many branches of Biology – provided him with a suitable platform for a wide range of in-depth experiences. During ‘cool’ trips to Antarctica for global change related research in algae physiology, a deep-sea trip on the Atlantic Ocean, diving for seaweeds in Lake Baikal he was a driver for research. More importantly Sven got exposed to every changing conditions which required immediate yet consolidated decision making. You can’t really wast taxpayers money by stuffing up things in an experiment when you are 200 nautical miles west of Ireland can you? After all deep sea research is more expensive than space elaboration. Extremely good collaboration skills are paramount when in the roughest and hostile conditions. What are the tricks of keeping a cool head when sea sickness hits hard in the Southern Ocean whilst Aquatic Science is demanding results? After finishing his MS in Germany Sven moved to Melbourne for his PhD and settled in The Netherlands for some post-doc work. How he shifted from examining biota and ecosystems to exploring what his own mind does is only puzzling for outsiders. For the latter two years in a Buddhist monastery have been insightful – but not easy. Needless to say that easing into the agile space was simply a matter of time. With some years of hands-on agile experience Sven melts his experiences as a researcher, his pearls of monastic wisdom with pragmatism of the corporate world.


The mind is at the heart of agility
March 19, 2021
15:00  -  15:45
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