Our Sponsors

Thank you to everyone for playing a part in our vibrant London Agile Community.


Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance is a membership organization that encourages and supports the widespread adoption and effective practice of Scrum. You can get Scrum Alliance Education Units (SEUs) by attending Aginext. Scrum Alliance is the official sponsor of this year’s Coaches Clinic


Testing and development teams around the world use SmartBear’s software testing, automation, development and monitoring tools to build better software and applications.


Dotscience is an artificial intelligence platform that delivers ‘DevOps for machine learning’​ to simplify, accelerate and control AI projects. Want to learn more? Come visit Dotscience’s stand at Aginext 2020 and see founder Luke Marsden talk about the future of MLOps.


Henko helps clients with the people, team culture and leadership sides of digital transformations.


Modulearn provides face-to-face learning modules for modern agile business teams. These are short, sharp learning modules that combine game-based learning with practical techniques you can apply the next day.

Aginext Community

Aginext may have started out as two conferences — Agile Tour London and our namesake — but we hope it’s evolved into more than that. We’re working to create a community with online and in-person free events, Meetups, and Slack communities, that hopefully enable agile-minded people to connect and solve problems together.

Our Media Partners

The Agilist

The Agilist is a not-for-profit snail-mail distributed newsletter for the Agile and Lean community. £2.50 to UK or $5.50 Rest of the World for your monthly analog agile news!

Adventures with Agile

A global community focused on agile and organisational change, with advanced discussion, influential and relevant experts, certified courses, and a friendly group.

Methods & Tools

Methods & Tools is a free monthly e-magazine providing practical expert knowledge for software development professionals, giving software development ideas more than one page to express themselves.


InfoQ, a news and community site with content currently published in English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese, empowers software developers to be agents of change in their industries.

Lean Coffee Table

Lean Coffee Table enables distributed teams to collaborate effectively in real-time.

Vote, assign actions, build agendas quickly and democratically, generate meeting summaries and facilitate & timebox with ease.

Our Meetup Partners

Aginext Conference is first and foremost about community. If you organise a meetup or other group and would like to be a part of our forward-thinking agile community, please connect with us at contact@aginext.io

Adventures with Agile

A global community focused on agile and organisational change, with advanced discussion, influential and relevant experts, certified courses, and a friendly group.

Agile Agnostic

As both experienced and budding agile practitioners and as people responsible for agile change and transformation, we should recognise the importance of being agnostic with agility at any level. We reflect this ethos in our lively meetups that aim to provide a holistic and well-rounded view of agile to create an informed community of budding and seasoned agilists alike.

Agile Coaching Exchange

Since 2012, the Agile Coaching Exchange (ACE) has been a great place to meet new people and learn at the same time.

Agile Leadership Works!

This London Meetup’s mission is to build a strong community where Agile Leaders can grow by sharing knowledge and learning from each other.

Agile Testing

This group aims to provide a meeting place and regular events for anyone involved in testing products which are developed in an Agile environment. Come to meet fellow testers, share stories and experiences about tools and techniques which may, or may not, have solved testing problems on other Agile projects.

Agile Tour London

Agile Tour London is our annual sister conference in the Autumn which explores all aspects of agility and its adoption and implementation in a business environment.

Agile Xpertise

Agile Xpertise provides a unique environment for members to explore Agile ways of working from a transformational perspective. We seek to discover and explore what it is that makes Agile the leading methodology in town. Agile Xpertise also is the home of Aginext’s monthly Agile Dinners, where small groups of people talk an agile theme over a yummy meal.

Digital Leadership

While most groups are focusing on Agile adoption or the multi-variations of doing Scrum, we choose to widen our perspective and look at what is next. What leadership is required to manage the digital transition that businesses need? Everybody is welcome, as Digital Leadership is not so much about seniority as it is about mindsets. The Aginext Community’s Agile Lean Coffees — monthly virtual, self-organised webinars — are run through this meetup.

Digital Transformation in London

This group is for anyone involved or interested in digital transformation. We will cover strategy with a focus on enterprise digital which will include subcategories such as DevOps, cloud, cybersecurity, agile software engineering, AI and machine learning, lean product development, Internet of Things, web and mobile.

Lean Agile Delivery & Coaching Network

This is a community about people and organisations who want to fully achieve the benefits of agile values (and related principles, practices, frameworks) and mindset. Ideally this wants to be a safe place where you can exchange insight, concepts, suggestions, experiences and challenges.

London Dev Community

Aimed at professionals within the web industry who have an interest in software development and computer science. Regular meetups usually happening the last Tuesday of every month.

LJC – London Java Community

The London Java Community (LJC) is a group of Java Enthusiasts who are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in the industry. Through our forum and regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn new Java (and other JVM) technologies, meet other developers, discuss technical/non-technical issues and network further throughout the Java Community.

Agile Evangelists

For all those Enthusiasts whose mission is to leading change, deliver value through human activity, technology and innovation. Whether you have experience with adopting an Agile mindset, a DevOps operating model, or a combination of the two. If you are looking to be part of a vibrant community always on the look for better ways to share ideas worth spreading, deliver high-quality value, this is the group for you.

Women in Agile – London UK

Women in Agile is a collective effort to recruit, network, promote, and support the work of outstanding women in the agile community through blogging, speaking at events, and building a network surrounded by people of all genders. We’re the local group for women and allies in the Agile community, residing near London, UK.