Speak at Aginext Conference 2021

Our Call for Speakers & Facilitators for Aginext 2021 is
Open until 28 November, 2020!

Speak at Aginext Conference 2021, a live, interactive online conference, we have about 50 spots for engaging talks and workshops plus opportunities for lightning talks and to facilitate networking sessions. A standard session is 30 minutes including questions and a workshop could be up to 90 minutes. If you have any questions, contact us.

Aginext is about just that, what’s next in the world of Agile and Beyond. Following suit of Netflix, we want our CFP to provide guardrails not gates. This is an advanced agile conference for people who’ve been doing agile for at least three years now. They are looking for what can take their teams and orgs to the next level, which may or may not be agile.

Our attendees are dealing with complexity — of people and systems — at scale. They are looking to continue their personal growth and development, improving their coaching and leadership. They work hard to create happy workplaces, even if they are remote, and to make human resources more about the humans (less about the resources.) They are already using frameworks and rituals, but need to take them to the next level.

You are the experts, out in the field. What are you passionate to speak or lead a workshop about? So you should Speak at Aginext Conference 2021. We want to hear the stories and experiments that haven’t been shared yet. We want attendees to come out of this having learned something they can take back to their team.

Below are some topics we’re excited to hear you talk about (but are open to more):

  • Digital leadership
  • The future of business agility
  • What’s next after agile?
  • Truly embracing Agile HR
  • Discussing what Post-Agile even means
  • DevOps and continuous delivery
  • Scaling
  • The co-evolution of coaching and leadership
  • Experimentation and metrics
  • Psychological safety and team culture
  • Complex systems
  • Wardley mapping
  • Complexity, Cynefin
  • AI and machine learning
  • Happiness at work
  • Liberating Structures
  • Frameworks in action
  • Personal growth and development

Why Speak or Facilitate at Aginext?

Here are a few reasons: to share your knowledge and experience, to promote your best ideas about Agile, to have a chance to have you talk published on youtube, to attend the conference for free, to increase your social media influence, to have your courses promoted for free, to have fun and mingle — to inspire and be inspired!

Please use the submission form below to submit your session or this submission link.*

*Important Note: If you wish to receive a submission acknowledgement e-mail, please request via contact@aginext.io. Survey Monkey unfortunately doesn't allow you to automatically receive a copy of your talk form, so we recommend you copy/paste your submission somewhere to save it.