Why should you sponsor Aginext 2021?

Aginext is a wholly unique conference created for advanced agilists. It’s the only European conference with two days dedicated to an advanced agile audience looking to answer two questions:

  • What’s next after agile?
  • What can we do to take our digital transformation to the next level?

Aginext is an intimate event with broad reach. We boast an excellent speaker-to-attendee ratio and a strong community feel, matched with the most forward-thinking agilists from the most innovative companies.

Aginext has a unique audience. We aren’t your normal generalist agile conference. Everyone that attends Aginext should have been experimenting with agile for over three years. It’s a great place to meet experienced hiring prospects and potential customers. And to interact with forward-thinking organisations that are already working with DevOps, CI/CD and the most modern and experimental processes that processes that put people and automation first. 

Aginext is a London agile event with an unparalleled program. We bring together topics and speakers that simply aren’t talked about at the same conference, but are the experiments and answers modern, agile organisations are looking to learn from.

Benefits of Sponsoring Aginext 2021

Each sponsorship opportunity includes:

  • Access to the event itself
  • Your branding and link on our website, social media, and newsletter
  • Your logo prominent at the event and on our programme
  • Broader promotion to 30,000+ London Meetup community members
  • Membership to our 200+ exclusive agile Slack community
  • Professional photos of you and your team
  • A one-page printed flier, offer or gift you provide ahead for inclusion in attendee giftbag

Besides everything you read above, each package has other exciting benefits shared below:

  • 1 x Platinum Sponsor – 45-minute talk* or workshop, exhibition stand in social space, 4 all-day tickets
  • 2 x Gold Sponsors – 45-minute talk*, exhibition stand, 2 tickets
  • 4 x Track Sponsors – ability to host & brand 1 of our 4 main tracks  — Post-Agile, DevOps, Leadership, Coaching — plus 2 tickets
  • 1 x End-of-Day Drinks – sponsor the revelry and lead a fun activity or give a 5-minute product or service pitch
  • 1 x Coaching Clinic – new this year, throughout the two days, attendees can book 30-minute one-on-one or team-based private coaching sessions
  • 2 x Enhanced Demo Sessions – 20-minute demo/tutorial, exhibition stand, 2 tickets
  • 2 x Just-Demo Sessions – 20-minute demo/tutorial
  • 4 x Exhibition Stands – exhibition stand, 1 ticket
  • Silver Sponsors – be on our website, support on social media, include something in our giftbag (this is the basic sponsorship that is also available as all the opportunities above)

*If you are giving a talk at Agile Tour London, you will also have a video recorded, edited and published by our media partner InfoQ.

Any questions about any of our sponsorship offerings? Let’s continue the conversation via contact@aginext.io with the subject line Sponsorship.

Group Tickets

Aginext is the type of intimate conference that’s perfect for both individuals and teams to attend. We see teams of up to 15 people — a mix of scrums and cross-functional, cross-organisational teams — join us for two days. That’s why we are offering a 15% off discount to groups of six or more people. Bonus, you also get first booking in our coaching clinic and can book a full hour of private coaching for your team.

Diversity Ticket Sponsorship

We want to make this conference as welcoming, accessible, diverse and inclusive as possible.

If agile is the future of work, then we should be working to be an example for the industry. We don’t just want to be representative of the industry — we want to do better. 

We are proud to say that this year’s programme features gender parity.

But, like our industry, we have a long way to go to make sure our audience embraces gender and many other forms of diversity and inclusion. With this in mind we are also offering opportunities for Diversity Ticket Sponsorship. This starts with buying a pair of discounted tickets — we don’t want anyone to feel isolated — for us to give to people identifying as under-represented in the London agile scene. We will give you an extra 15% off any tickets purchased if they are part of a Diversity Ticket scholarship. 

In return, we will give you prominent recognition as a D&I supporter during the conference and on our website and marketing. Sponsors are also encouraged to give your Diversity Tickets away in your own community.

The Aginext Community, the organisation behind this conference, will of course act as the first diversity sponsors. In addition, each speaker and facilitator is given a 50% off code and encouraged to use it to invite someone who otherwise couldn’t attend.

Like all things agile, our striving for an inclusive conference is still an experiment. Any feedback on our diversity efforts is very welcome.

Who usually attends Aginext?

Note: Aginext is not for beginners. We have our sister conference Agile Tour London in the Autumn for that. Our typical attendees have been working in agile environments for at least three years, usually much longer. They’ve witnessed how the software industry has changed over the last two decades and how it in turn has change whole digital organisations. And now they want to be ready for the next thing — or they are already experimenting with it.

Roles that attend Aginext include:

  • CTO, CIO, other c-level
  • Product Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Agile Leads and Scrum Masters
  • Leadership and Agile Coaches
  • Project Managers
  • Cross-functional teams, working in DevOps and CI/CD
  • Testing
  • Human Resources (anyone hiring) in agile orgs